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          Date: 27, Dec, 2016
          Production: Carbon Black Powder Processing Line
          Country of customer: Afghan
          Capacity: 25t/h

          Introduction of carbon black powder processing line

          Carbon Black Powder Processing Line is made up by bucket elevator, storage hopper, vibrating feeder, main unit, inverter classifier, cyclone collector, pulse deduster system, high pressure positive blower, air compressors and electrical control systems.

          carbon black powder processing line

          Advantages of carbon black powder processing line

          1. High Efficiency
          2. Long lifecycle of spare parts
          3. High safety and reliability
          4. High fineness, flexible adjustment
          5. Environment-friendly
          6. Advanced intelligent speed control device

          If you are interested in our carbon black powder processing line, you can leave your message on our website, and we are welcome to you come to our factory.

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